Spring Clean Your Social Media

Spring Clean Your Social Media

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are slowly climbing – that can only mean that spring is on its way!  Much like you spring clean your homes, you should think about freshening up your social media channels. Here are some easy things you can do to spring clean your social media!

Perform a Social Media Audit

Take a chunk of time to go through each of your social media channels and dive deep into your reports. Take a good look at the insights that are easily available to you as the business owner.  This will give you a better understanding of what is working and what isn’t working for your business.

Clear Your Inboxes

It doesn’t take long for our inboxes to fill up, but how good does it feel to clear it out completely? If you have to keep your emails or DMs, try to organize them as much as possible.  That way, the clutter that is always on the back of your mind can finally disappear and you can have the fresh start that comes along with spring weather!

Delete Old Photos

Overtime cameras, filters and editing apps change.  Go way back into your social media feeds and just clear out any old pictures, logos and announcements that are clogging up your feeds.

Review Your Strategy

You can get a better understanding of what your strategy should be once you take a good look at your insights.  If you’ve only been posting once a week, or a could times a month, maybe it’s time to up that amount so you can connect with your customers and followers on a more regular basis.  Your insights will tell you what days you can reach the most people and at what times.  Important information like this can truly change your social media game!

If you need to get a handle on your social media, Van Patter Group can help!  Our job is to make sure your social media is performing the best it can while connecting with your customers.  For more social media tips and resources, connect with us on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn or Twitter.