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What are SEO Services? How does it help businesses grow?

Let’s say – Google loves SEO Optimized websites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of using dedicated techniques, tools, and programming to rank your business website among the top results of the internet search page (example: Google, Bing, etc.) for a search query important to your business.

Why is it essential for your business to rank on the first page of search results? Interestingly, the first page of any search result gets about 70% of overall clicks compared to link clicks on page two. You can only imagine the exposure a business gets ranked on Page 3 of a search result!

What are the top benefits of Search Engine Optimization?

  • Get found and generate quality leads
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Escape Paid Adwords cost
  • Achieve long-lasting organic visibility
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Did You Know?

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    1. There are 3.5 billion searches performed everyday on Google.

    2. About 90.88% of Google search result pages are invisible.

    3. For any google search, The first 10 results on the first page of search result, received about 70% more clicks than any other page!

Our Approach for Effective SEO

Before creating any online marketing strategy, we prioritize understanding your brand, the audience you are trying to target and focus on your target location, competition and industry research. Our SEO Strategies are very impactful, goal-oriented with a detailed roadmap. Some of our considerations while laying down the SEO strategy for you will be:
  • Keeping up with the latest Google updates and policies:Google rolls out algorithm updates for its search engines quite frequently. It is imperative to keep track of these algorithm updates and adapt your Search Engine Optimization strategies accordingly.
  • White Hat SEO techniques to get your website ranked:We believe in solidifying long-term strategy. In other words, you want your Search Engine Optimization campaigns to have long-lasting results. White Hat SEO techniques ensure quality checks at every level and save your website from any future penalty.
  • High-Quality Link Building Tactics:One of the most important factors Google considers while ranking your website on its search engine is the number of high-quality backlinks on your site. Our Link building tactics will give your website an excellent opportunity to rank higher.
  • Use of in-depth competitor analysis:We create Search Engine Optimization strategies only after conducting in-depth competitor analysis. The analysis helps us develop strategies that beat your competition and start to show up on top results for the given search query.
  • Creation of regular and detailed performance reports:Data analysis backs everything that we do. Tracking the progress, reporting and analyzing our campaigns' results every month and further drafting a road map strategy is our thing!.

What does Search Engine Optimization entail?

  • Implementing On-page and Off-page Strategies
  • Web Tag Optimizations
  • Identify and remove duplicate content
  • Check navigation and UX factors
  • Create and distribute quality content consistently
  • Setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Website indexing on search engines
  • Complete preliminary keyword research
  • Create local search accounts
  • Create a responsive website design
  • Start working to build backlinks
  • Keep up with the latest SEO trends
  • Content Analysis and industry trends

Search Engine Optimization can build a solid foundation for your online marketing campaigns and be the first right step towards your brand’s online success. Got some questions or in doubt? Connect with us today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is SEO?
    • What are SEO keywords?
    • How SEO works?
    • Why SEO is important for your business?
    • What does SEO services includes?
    • What are SEO tools?
    • What do SEO companies do?

    SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, it is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic or views on your website or web page. All the popular search engines, such as Google, Bing or even Yahoo, have all the content based on rankings. This ranking is based upon the relevance of the content to the need of the user. The traffic usually comes through organic search engine results, the organic search engine results are those, for which you don’t have to pay.

    Keywords are the key component for getting your website or webpage on the top of the ranking of the links provided by the search engines to the users. The keywords should match the query of the user, the more relevant the keywords will be, the more organic traffic you will get. So, keywords are the key through which the users can find your content or your website. Keywords have to be searched, they should be relevant and effectively organized. The keyword search should take place more than once.

    Whenever you type a question or a specific word on the search bar of a search engine, a whole list of links related to those words comes up. This is how SEO works, so the search engine looks for the most related content to the query and brings it up to you. The ranking depends upon many features such as domain names, anchor text distribution, content quantity and relevance, social metrics and many other features.

    SEO is important for your business because it allows you to get the right traffic, have high-quality content and it allows you to have your website or webpage ranked at #1. The higher your ranking will be, the more traffic you will get and you will likely end up selling more of your product. Since the customers will get a good experience, they will become repeated buyers and you can make a profit.

    The SEO services are vast, there are SEO companies that provide you SEO-related services including keyword search, the keyword search may take place more than once to get the most relevant keywords. Also, the process of increasing the attraction towards your website by modifying the design. They also provide services including developing various strategies that can help get a better ranking and also to increase organic traffic.

    To have better quality and increased quantity of traffic, the SEO tools include analyzing the content, analyzing keywords, the backlinks or any other SEO-related thing that may be present on your website. There are quite a few tools available and you can use any of them according to your need. Some tools help you figure out the most commonly used keywords so that you can improve your traffic. Then there are tools that analyze the content and make sure that it is according and relevant to the query of the users. SEO tools are used for the improvement or analysis of domain, ranking, backlinks, traffic, cost and payments and other factors that may be necessary for SEO.

    There are SEO companies or agencies which help beginners or new businessmen to develop their website, to engage and get more traffic, to have better traffic improving strategies, to look for the most relevant keywords and they also provide other SEO-related services so that the people can make a profit. The great thing about SEO companies is that they will treat your websites as they own them and then make decisions that will bring back maximum profit.