How can 'Social Media Scheduling' increase your productivity?

Ignoring Social Media is like opening a business and not telling anyone! It is a goldmine for companies to develop customer relationships, increase customer trust and loyalty towards the brand, and make target audiences interact with your brand.

Social media management should be social. Let FANBOOSTER do the heavy lifting so you can engage with your fans and create a supportive community for your client’s brand.

Save yourself time by scheduling social media content in advance. Plan out your posts and set them to publish across all of the social media channels that matter to your audience. 

Take back control of your social media schedule

Improve your productivity and save time with a social media scheduler that simplifies sharing and content curation. Automate your original and curated content sharing so you can focus on creating new content and engaging in real-time with your audience


You can set your publication to post right away, later, repeat at specific intervals or add it to the queue. To avoid having your posts look like spam – we do give you the ability to customize each publication for recurring campaigns.


If you are looking to reach a specific user demographic with your publication you can use publication targeting. Target your audience based on gender, age, geography, career, and location.


You can easily geocode your publication with your current location or any other place in the world. Tagging your publication with geo coordinates allows you to tap into local markets and audiences

Bulk Schedule Messages

Bulk Schedule allows multiple posts to be uploaded, scheduled and published, all at once. It’s accomplished by allowing users to upload a special spreadsheet that tells Fanbooster the time and content of every post you want to schedule.


Social Media Scheduling made easy

Monthly Subscription $55/Month

Annual Subscription $500/Year

Did You Know?

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  1. About 2.7 Billion Facebook users, over 400 million Twitter users and over 600 million Instagram users seek out and discover new products on their favourite social media platforms.

  2. LinkedIn boasts 530 Million members with 106 Million active users at any give time.

  3. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use social media engagement as an important factor in ranking businesses on search results.
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How to develop an effective social media strategy to increase your business?

Look out for these critical questions to ensure your social media channels are highly effective:

  • Is your social media strategy aligned to your overall business objective?
  • Do you know how and where is your target audience spending more time and on which social media platform?
  • Is your content Social Media Optimized with a healthy mix of unique and third-party content? Understanding the science of posting and promoting the right type of content on the right network to the right audience with the right strategy increases the follower base and feeds account growth.
  • Are you tracking and analyzing your Social Media Score and conversions?

If your answer to any one of the above questions is ‘NO,’ We must connect and talk!

Our Social Media Services

We are a Social Media Marketing Agency in Cambridge, Ontario. With our creative, comprehensive, and insightful social media marketing plan, we help sharpen your competitive edge. Our innovative social marketing consultants work with you to choose the right social media metrics based on your business goals.

  • Our analytics and reporting tool provides suggestions and insights based on the web traffic your website receives.
  • We focus on metrics such as share of voice, revenue generation, conversion, clicks to contents, sign-ups, and leads generated.
  • Our social media plan includes regular posts to provide engaging and creative content for your customers to read and connect.
  • We strategically optimize social media contests and run effective Social Media Ads.

If you're ready to reach and engage with a broader audience for your business and increase your brand reach

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