Pivoting Your Business During COVID-19

As business owners, it’s not uncommon to have to change direction or act quickly when something goes wrong.  However, the world is experiencing something completely unknown and the effect that it is having on small businesses will be felt for years to come.  Pivoting your business during COVID-19 can be done, and here’s how.

Help Your Community

In our community, many restaurants and even event spaces have begun offering meal kits, fresh produce bags or date night meal packages available by delivery or local dropoff. How fun is that?  It’s a great way to continue to give to the community in this time of need.  Adding to this idea would be to make a charitable donation with each meal – perhaps a meal would be given to those in need or a donation to your local food bank or charity.  We understand the need to continue to generate revenue as a small business – and so do the residents of your community.  Supporting local is on the mind of many people within the community.

Get Online

Many businesses have pivoted to offer online live events, where they would normally hold events in the comfort of their offices or studios.  For example, a local yoga studio is now teaching their classes online at certain times throughout the day.  Another example is virtual markets for handmade businesses.  Can your service be held online either through a live event or webinar? Chances are, you probably have something that people want to know about, learn about or support.  People are open to supporting small businesses more than ever right now. After all, small businesses are the heartbeat of a community.


Many manufacturers have stepped up to the plate, using their factories and equipment to begin to make personal protective equipment to protect frontline workers and those most at risk of COVID-19.  Even local breweries and distilleries have begun to make hand sanitizer to distribute to hospitals and rural communities.  Pivoting your business during COVID-19 can be done, no matter what size company you have.

The reality is that this is a trying time for businesses of all sizes.  It’s now time to shift the way you think and figure out how you can contribute to the community while still protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to create for your small business.  The team at Van Patter Group is here to help as well. We’d love to chat about your online presence and help you succeed in this time of doubt and uncertainty.  Questions? Ask away! We post tips daily for navigating the online world on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.