person handling twitter account

We all know that there are new social media platforms trying to break onto the scene every week. It can be easy to spread yourself too thin trying every new thing on the internet. One of the tried-and-true platforms still going strong is Twitter. There are roughly 190 million people who use Twitter daily and 50 million tweets are sent each day.

Twitter is a location for news, sports, entertainment information, social connection, and shopping! 40% of Twitter users have purchased a product or service after seeing it on Twitter. This makes it a great place to find new clients, connect with customers, chat, build, learn, and grow your business! Read ahead to learn how to use Twitter to help you grow your business this year.

Create your own Business Card

Your Twitter profile is the first thing people see when they click on your tweet. If you are apart of a huge company that already has an established brand, then feel free to use the logo. Otherwise, this is the place you should have your own picture front and centre. Twitter is a platform where you can be more affable and friendly with others. Have a look at the “bios” of your favourite tweeters and come up with something crafty and fun! It’s wise to go back to your SEO keyword list and include one or two so people can find you more easily! Don’t forget to finish up with a link to your website!

Chirp your Heart Out!

From the statistics above, it’s important to note that the average time spent per sitting on Twitter is a little less than 4 minutes. That means that you either must tweet frequently or hope that your clients scroll far enough to reach you…obviously, the first option is better! This doesn’t mean you should spend your life on twitter—there are apps you can download to even post for you—but it does mean you should have a plan for at least a few tweets each day. You can follow a pattern and people will get to know it. Try something inspirational in the morning, a link to your blog, your big event of the day or a promotion you are running. Don’t just focus on business stuff though! Ensure that you are interacting with your clients, re-tweeting others who work in your field, and interacting with people. It’s more important to make human connections so keep it as personal as possible! 

Fresh and Current

Be clever about who you follow on your business account. You don’t want your feed crammed with a disjointed mishmash. Try to follow people relevant to your field and re-tweet their content if you find it helpful. Provide feedback and answers right on your timeline so they can be shared. Try to engage people in reciprocal conversations so they see you as friendly and helpful.


Hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the # symbol and included in a tweet, post, or comment. Essentially it allows the platform to index the keyword so others can search for it who may not be your followers already. By adding a # to your content, all other users who are interested in similar topics will be able to see what you have posted. You can use engaging hashtags like #petpeeves or #girlsnightout to get conversations going, you can ask followers to use a certain hashtag to generate buzz for a promotion or contest, and you can use hashtags to be seen by a niche group. 

Managing Twitter

If you want to establish your Twitter account but aren’t sure you have the time it takes, there are many apps like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, DrumUp and Snip.ly available to help you with different tasks like content creation and scheduling tweets, managing followers, and monitoring your social media mentions. Be careful though. Most users can spot a robotic or automated profile and it’s considered a turnoff. Make sure to still check in regularly and post sporadically along with your scheduled posts to keep things fresh. Remember that Twitter is about making personal connections to build your business. 

Once you’ve established your Twitter profile and you’ve spent a few days sending out regular tweets and building yourself up, promote! Include your new Twitter handle on your website, in your blog, in the bio of your other platforms, on your business cards, on your signage, or in flyers, posters or other promotional materials.

Keep in mind that while Twitter is used worldwide, it takes time to establish yourself on the platform—it’s not going to work instantaneously. Be consistent, stick with it, and you will find results soon enough. If you are working on building your social media presence and marketing your business on social media platforms, Van Patter Group can help you. We can answer questions and help you create a plan to grow and build your audience and customer base. Reach out to us today for a complimentary one-hour consultation to learn how we can help you master your social media goals this year!