You might have been surfing through YouTube or Instagram or any one of the gazillion other social media options available and come across a post that at best can be described as “lame.” The content is clearly copied, the pictures have been edited, and the thumbnail too obviously a clickbait. You may have even come across one of those “Reacts To…” video; how mind-numbingly boring.  

There will always be people who “create” content about information already present on digital platforms. In any ecosystem, there will always be hunters and also scavengers rummaging through the leftovers. 

If you want to better, nay, the best at what you do, and always come up with original, refreshing content, you need to work harder. Everyone wants to be the best in their respective fields, and seniority is rarely the criterion for excellence. 

Establishing yourself as a leader may ask for challenging work, but it is worth it.

Here are some tips on how to convincingly become a leader in your field of choice:

Create Social Media Accounts

If you yearn to be a champion in your field, you need to exist in the same stratosphere as your audience. How will they know who you are if they can’t find you on Facebook or Instagram? Nobody goes to the library to search for people and places. They can do it with just one click, and most online audiences need instant gratification. 

If they search for you and can’t find you within a minute or two, they will lose interest. Keep your profiles updated, so audiences browsing through your account don’t feel like you are outdated. 

Write Blog Posts About New Trends

The important thing about establishing yourself as a maestro is knowing that you have a voice, and it matters. You can use this voice to advocate for your opinion and write convincing literature that compels audiences to listen to you.

Write about everything related to the subject you enjoy talking about. Talk about trends and expectations in the future. Do not worry if they respectfully contradict the other experts in your field. Who knows? You might just be the refreshing breath of air everyone is looking for. 

Get Glowing Testimonials

Word-of-mouth advertisements work like a charm. People want to hear the experiences of others before they invest in something. Where word-of-mouth marketing is difficult to stimulate or gauge, testimonials help companies stay in business. 

If you happen to sell a product or rent out a service, ask for customers to leave a review on your Facebook page or YouTube video. Ask them to share the link to your page on their profiles. It only takes a second of their time to do so and helps your business grow exponentially. 

Be Everywhere

Don’t restrict yourself to only one social media app. It limits your growth. Other competitors in your area of interest are probably writing blogs, making vlogs, and even appearing on podcasts. So why not you? 

People tend to forget easily, so make sure they remember you.  Write a book, appear on a podcast, start a podcast of your own, just keep working.

Fill in The Gaps

If you feel there is a demographic that other experts are not considering or a persistent problem that they are not providing a solution to, address it. Talk about issues that no one else talks about, so people know you aren’t a copycat and have ingenious ideas and opinions of your own. 

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