How to Create Content that Stands Out

The impact of Content

In 2022, with social media in the palm of our hands and more time with rolling lockdowns, we are flooded with content daily. Even visiting a regular website will lead to a barrage of advertising and imagery that while more engaging, has lost its appeal and influence. 

When you are creating content for your business, there are so many factors to consider. You have a range of mediums and platforms, methods of optimization, and messages to deliver. In this situation, it’s not enough to make good content, you need to stand out from everyone else. Read ahead for Van Patter Group’s top tips to get your content noticed! 

Add Value 

Advertising floods us every day. Nobody seeks it out and for many, it is purposely rejected. To draw eyes to your content, provide something worthwhile. Bring solutions and answers and ask for nothing in return. Create a place people want to come to. Your goal is to build community with your visitors so they want to return to your page with a genuine interest in what they will see.  

Personalize It 

There are few things that attract us more than seeing ourselves in content. To truly personalize your content, you need to have a deeper understanding of your visitors. There are so many people competing for the attention of your audience, you need to call them out directly. We are drawn to posts that speak to what we are going through so ensure that your messaging lets people know they are seen, heard, and understood. If you are engaging directly, use names. If you are creating posts, answer frequently asked questions. Provide solutions to problems that have been presented to you. When someone opens your page, they should feel like you are speaking to them. Forge and build on an emotional connection with your audience by using insight into their hearts. People don’t want to be barraged by data; they want to make sense of their world. Emotions are the key to that. 

Be Aware of Metrics 

Metrics are what we use on a website to determine the activities of our visitors. They can measure things like how long somebody stayed, what they clicked on if they engaged with material etc. When you post on your website, use analytics to determine what your clients like best, and simply make more of that! If you are looking for new traffic, you might measure the engagement of your social media or see what competitors are using to determine the type of content that brings more eyes to your page. 

Headlines and Keywords 

You are probably aware that using certain words, phrases, and hashtags can attract more eyes to your content. What you may not realize is that these words are always updating as new trends catch on. There are a few ways to use these words; create an eye-catching hook, pique interest, answer a question, or give an overview. You can use a hashtag to get noticed by a new group or answer questions related to a hashtag to come to the topic circuitously. Whatever you choose to do with headlines and keywords, you must ensure it is relevant to current events and to your audience. 

 Film it 

For most people, faces and action are the media we are becoming trained to seek. People would rather listen to your message come directly from your mouth, rather than read an article. Content that is both organic and styled will have an impact. Try both to see what works best for your audience. This means you should try some impromptu short and sweet messages to your audience, and also include a few edited and produced videos on your page. Stay consistent and your audience will help you determine what works best for them. 

OR Use images 

Sometimes we don’t have time to prepare a video. If you want your content to stand out, include something visual. You can use professional photos that suit your topic or components like infographics, maps, or other informational elements. Be sure to include captions to explain the image for the visually impaired.  

Be Unique 

When a new trend is hitting the stage or if you are in a competitive market, you need to think outside the box to be noticed. That means a fresh take on existing content or new ideas. Brainstorm new ideas or a fresh take on an old topic. Coming up with unique concepts for your content will take longer but will get you noticed. 

The amount of content being uploaded to the internet daily is astronomical. This means we have more access to learning and information than ever before. Conversely, this also means that our content has to be value-adding, personalized and unique in order to catch the eye of our visitors. If you follow these tips, you can ensure that your content is attractive and stands out. At Van Patter Group we love helping our clients draw more traffic to their pages and eyes to their products and services. Reach out today to find out how we can help you too!