Christina Chase-Nugent

Christina Chase-Nugent

Blog Writing Specialist

Christina is a high school English and Social Sciences teacher in Barrie where she lives with her husband, Denis, their 5 daughters, and currently 3 foster children. Everyone keeps busy with various activities like baseball, field hockey, music, and volunteering. In their downtime the family enjoys watching movies, cooking and baking, and hanging around the backyard.

Christina is an animal lover and at home currently has 3 dogs (a Doberman, a French bulldog, and English bulldog), a black cat, a bearded dragon, a bunny, and 2 leopard geckos as well as a full fish tank. She enjoys gardening and also manages to keep a variety of houseplants alive to complete her zoo.

In addition to a lifelong love of reading and learning, Christina is an avid watcher of documentaries. Growing up in Simcoe County, she is connected to her community and is involved with many local groups especially those seeking to improve conditions for equity-seeking groups, the environment, and education. 

Christina really enjoys teaching on various topics and writing has given her an outlet to share her knowledge and learning with others in her community, as well as connecting people to resources. She looks forward to learning more from the team at Van Patter Group to help more businesses take their marketing to the next level!