What are Instagram Reels and Why are They Important?

Social media is constantly evolving. Platforms are adding new features to adapt to the wants and needs of their users with the objective of having users more engaged with their platforms and using them more frequently. That’s why  Instagram Reels were introduced in early 2020. Since then, they’ve exploded onto the scene as being a huge driver of engagement and are a new tool that your business should be using.  Van Patter Group is here to help you understand what Reels are and how they can benefit your business in 2022. 

What are Reels? 

Reels are quick, 15-second-long videos that you can edit with music, effects, and sounds. If you are familiar with TikTok, it’s the same format. Reels boasts an extensive catalogue of music including well-known- artists and new hits, a library of effects and filters, and much more to enhance your video clips. The videos you create are intended to be creative, entertaining, and engaging. If you aren’t using Reels to grow your business yet, it’s time to start! 

Why Use Reels? 

Reels are attractive and engaging and can take a very simple idea and make it go ‘viral’. With one BILLION users worldwide, Reels now has more users than TikTok and has so much untapped potential. The Reels algorithm favours accounts that publish and engage regularly with them so it’s important to understand the expectations and commit fully. This way you can reach a wider audience and that audience can become followers, and those followers can become your clients.  

Reels are a great way to showcase your values and your personality, allowing the audience to see what sets you apart from others and connect to you instead of your competitors. New viewers translate to new business, plain and simple. 


Reels put you front and centre with your audience. Frequently the top video in users explore feeds, Reels are often presented in a much larger format than other posts. Users check out the explore section to find out what’s new and trendy to share with others. If you are regularly posting Reels, you are prioritized ahead of others and therefore seen by a wider audience daily. Instagram wants to draw users away from their competitors with Reels, so they are consistently placing them in front of people to build it up. This means you have the bonus of support from Instagram themselves to popularize Reels. 

What to Use Reels for 


Your primary goal on Reels is letting people see your brand. This isn’t about selling products or services – it’s about creating connections. Your purpose here is to communicate with a fresh audience and draw them into a relationship with you. 

Inform and Educate 

One of the foundational principles of your Reel strategy should be adding value to people’s lives. Use Reels to let your audience learn about who you are and why you do what you do. An educated prospective client is more engaged in the process and more likely to make a purchase of a product or service. Reels offers a quick way to provide a snippet of info and hook someone so they want to know more about your brand. 


Being on Reels is not about selling products, it is about letting people into your personality. 15 seconds is not near enough time to get into a pitch. Using reels is about finding your voice and putting it on display. Since Reels uses video and effects, you have the most effective instrument to showcase your values without a bunch of filler. If something doesn’t feel like “you”, your authentic brand, don’t use it in Reels. 

Distinguish Yourself 

There is no shortage of businesses in the social media marketplace. In 15 seconds, you can let your audience know what makes you unique. Do you do something new? What’s your innovative product or service? How are you different from your competitors?  

Let your audience see what makes you stand out. Reels will put you in front of fresh audiences on a continual basis. Audiences that already use the internet and social media to research brands before they buy something—so let Reels be the place where you answer the question “why us”. If you offer specials or deals, share that info. If you have a solution to a new problem, share the answer. If it’s trendy and current and links to your brand, share it on Reels.  Social media evolves on an almost daily basis, and it isn’t going out of style anytime soon. If you are looking for a way to adapt your media marketing strategy to find new audiences, Reels is a good option to try. At Van Patter Group, we stay on top of all the latest marketing trends and can help you work Reels into your strategy. Reach out today and watch your business grow with us!