As a small business owner, it’s hard to press pause.  The holidays are arguably the busiest time of the year for sales, year-end finances, connecting with your customers and thinking about upcoming projects for the new year.  In the interest of your business, you not only should take a break you NEED to take a break and here’s how.

Press Pause

Decide when you will be taking time off and for how long.  Write it down, schedule it in your calendar – whatever you need to do to acknowledge the fact that you are taking that time off. Don’t let work interfere with this plan! You deserve to take a break.

Vacation Notice

Let your customers and coworkers know that you’re going to be away from the office.  Create an automated email response indicating your holiday dates.  Don’t be afraid to let them know you’ll have no access to your email over that period of time.

Say NO

If you begin to feel overwhelmed, don’t take on anything extra.  If you are able, delegate to an employee or schedule it for first thing in the new year.  It gives you an opportunity to tackle the project with a fresh perspective!

Healthy Balance

It’s not always easy to unplug, we get it.  If anything, maintain a healthy work-life balance. Spend time with your family and do something nice for yourself.  If you must, spend an hour or two first thing in the morning or later at night catching up on emails.  Decide for yourself what is important and what can wait.


As a small business, Van Patter Group understands the importance of giving our bodies and minds a break during the holidays. Spending time with family is so important.  Consider how much more productive, happy, refreshed and renewed you’ll feel in the near year!  For more small business tips, follow Van Patter Group on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.