How to Optimize your Facebook Business Page 2021

How to Optimize your Facebook Business Page 2021

Creating, maintaining and optimizing a Facebook Page in this day and age is something that every business should do.  A business Facebook page becomes a place that many users (and potential customers) rely on for up-to-date information like hours, daily specials, photos and special announcements.  This is why it is crucial to optimize your Facebook Business page.

“About Us” Section.

Make sure that this information is current, accurate and relevant. It could be they are currently looking for a service.  If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, you can always gain inspiration from other successful Facebook business pages and cater your own page to what you offer, believe in and want to share with your audience. In this space, emphasize the benefits your product or service may bring to others.

Facebook Profile and Cover Image

A picture can say a million words, but it also helps potential customers to know that your Facebook page is real.  When you upload a profile and cover images on your site, you allow people to identify you quickly. Having an eye-catching profile image can draw people looking for something on your page. One way of doing is to try changing your cover photo seasonally or during holidays that match your brand. Facebook cover pages are a great way to tell people about your brand, show off your products and services as well as increase awareness of any promotions or giveaways. One tip we can offer is to limit the number of times you change your profile picture.  Seasonally is fine, but changing it all the time can make your page difficult to locate in a sea of other pages.

CTA (Call To Action) Buttons

Your Facebook page is almost like a mini-site for your brand, just like a website, easy navigation around your page can help your customers find your way around the information they need. The CTA (Call To Action) Buttons encourages people to take any action that is important to your business, such as booking appointments, contacting you or shopping on your website. You can add buttons like Book Now, Contact Us and Shop Now.  You can probably imagine how valuable this can be on your business page.  This becomes even more valuable if you have a significant amount of followers.

We hope these tips will help you optimize your Facebook business page! For more social media tips follow Van Patter Group on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram.