How digital marketing can change the face of your business this year

digital marketing can change your business

Every company, big or small, has specific goals in mind to achieve success, but for most the primary objective is reaching more customers and encouraging them to purchase your product or service. Although print and broadcast have been the traditional methods, in recent years, companies that are not leveraging digital and social media advertising are missing out on the largest and fastest-growing market.

In addition to the fact that your customers are all online, the pandemic has exacerbated the need to understand how to pivot onto social media platforms for your events and advertising needs. Many small businesses think they don’t have the money or knowledge to compete online, or that the traditional method will work. Read ahead to find out why digital marketing is vital to growing and thriving in today’s market and how Van Patter Group can support you in achieving and exceeding your goals.

It is Where Your Customers Are!

Nearly 60% of the world’s population is already online and that number is growing. If you have been waiting for the right time to become an established presence on the web, you must take action today because your customers are already there! They may even be looking for a business just like yours!

This is how business works today, if someone is looking for a product or service, the first thing they do is research online to find out more. They look for reviews and check out your social media presence. If a potential customer cannot find you online, they will likely determine that you are not a legitimate option and instead utilize your competitor. Once they make that choice, it is hard to do anything to earn them back.

Am I Visible Enough?

Perhaps you don’t think this applies to you because you are already online. This is step one, but this new digital world means you cannot just be online, you have to be online in a better and smarter way than your competitors. In addition to having a website and social media presence, you need to now understand algorithms and search engines to be the business that appears first and most often to potential clients.

This is where Van Patter Group can help you! We have the expertise to use the kind of content that will attract new customers to come to you. We know how to help you engage directly with the people who will use your product or service. We can help you promote your online events with more effectiveness and help you feel confident in your ability to grow your business during these novel and unique times.

Why Digital Marketing?

Placing yourself online means that your business is open even when it isn’t. Customers can find you and interact with your business and even make purchases entirely without you. In the pandemic world, this is more important now than ever. Customers are changing the way they interact and as in-store shopping is curbed to protect our health, online business is the primary method.

Virtual Events

Whether it is a meal, an auction, an educational experience, or a social meeting, virtual events and networking are the new frontiers for businesses online. Van Patter Group is an expert in pivoting your in-person event to an online one and promoting it for maximum exposure. The social media team is knowledgeable in targeting the appropriate audience to get the most out of your occasion.

Why Van Patter Group

Digital marketing of your business and event is less expensive than other types of marketing. We will make sure that your marketing budget is used with the most effective methods to get the most bang for your buck. We understand how to leverage the many methods of quality marketing that will not only attract new customers to your website, but also to your digital events, where you can create the valuable relationships required to create a loyal customer base.

Customers enjoy engaging with marketing that combines multiple types of content and we can guide you to determine which ones will be the best choice for your business. During your event, we will establish you as the authority on your product, leading your clients to return to you, refer you, and want to continue engagement with you.

Digital marketing permits you to engage with influential figures online. Influencers are the new spokespeople for the online community. Increasing your online presence means these people can find you and if you are engaging enough, they may endorse you and lead to an even larger audience.

For more information on the art and relevance of digital marketing, reach out to Heather at Van Patter Group. We can discuss which marketing package will best serve the needs of your business in this new age of advertising online. Take the worry of social media and place it in the capable hands of the team at Van Patter Group. They can support your event online and truly make it successful for you.