How a Customer Journey Map can help you create content

How a Customer Journey Map can help you create content

Have you ever really spent time thinking about your customer’s journey?

Creating a “journey map” of the customer experience can really help you come up with ideas for marketing. Think about their journey from the time they think about purchasing your product or service, through use and the decision to repurchase or not.

An example would be a furniture company, like our clients C&G Solid Wood Furniture.  Steps on their journey could include:

1-realizing the need for a new dining set
2-researching the options online
3-setting a budget
4-coming to the store, meeting the design team
5-making a final decision on wood type, size etc
6-length of time it takes to produce, waiting time
8-enjoying dinner with the family
9-cleaning and caring for the table
10-follow up from @cgsolidwood

Each step of the process is somewhere that we can relate to the customer. Potential messaging could be:

1-outgrowing you table, needing a bigger one, handing it down to your kids, new home
2-why wood furniture is better than cheaper, assemble it yourself items
3-talk about how long wood lasts, the quality, why it is worth spending a bit more on, how custom furniture is unique, no two pieces alike
4-experienced design team to help with ideas and ensure that your design and practical needs are met
5-feeling confident in the choice they made, knowing they did their research and consulted experts.
6-excitement of knowing you are getting a unique piece, worth the wait
7-preparing your home for delivery, what are the best days and times for delivery
8-the dining table is the centre of every family function, having fun, laughing and making memories
9-how to care for your solid wood table
10-testimonials from other customers, explaining the quality guarantee

Whatever service or product you provide think about the customer journey and you will find some great ideas for content!

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