Facebook vs. Google: Where Should I Spend My Advertising Dollars?

Facebook vs. Google: Where Should I Spend My Advertising Dollars?

The digital revolution has changed the way marketing works. TV made print ads obsolete, and within a decade, the TV itself will have little to no viewership. In fact, even though network TV shows are picking up in terms of pace and popularity, these are watched mostly on mobile and laptop screens. 

Advertisements that were typically run on TV to reach unfiltered masses have now shifted gears to other mediums. At present, social media apps hold the public’s fancy, and the adverts follow wherever the public is. 

The question remains: there are so many social media apps, each one amassing millions of users, with hundreds and thousands that use the apps daily. Which one of them is the best to use to run your advertisements?

Let’s dive into the debate!

Keywords vs. Customer Profile

Google AdWords ads are keyword sensitive. This means that when a person types a word or set of words in the search bar, it automatically tallies the phrases used with the product description in your ad. Keep in mind that Google is no ordinary search engine and fields around 3 billion search results in a single day. Imagine the reach!

While Google does have its perks, Facebook is not an easy platform to compete with. In a month, the latter entertains around 2.25 billion users, 87% of which log in daily. What sets Facebook apart is that it knows so much about every user choosing to surf the dashboard. In fact, it has entire customer profiles with likes and dislikes and knows precisely which ad to show whom. 

Return on Investment 

What the ROI look like on each of these marketing investments? 

While Facebook does charge a smaller fee at the start, the conversion rates are much higher than those of Google. While Google does charge an overall higher price to run your ads, the rate is consistent and does not evenly spike. 

Overall, the cost per ad per impression adds to become roughly the same money.

Picture Ads vs. Video Ads

Facebook does win this round of the competition. Facebook ads are limitless and can have pictures, text, video, audio, or pretty much any form of expression as an ad. 

On the other hand, Google is mostly text-sensitive and prefers pictures or text to audio or video. 

Search Engine vs. Social Media

Here is an exciting thought. While both platforms draw the public in staggering numbers, the use for both is pretty varied

Google is a search engine giant, and people open up a Google tab for the specific purpose of searching for a solution. It makes sense if they type “mechanics in my area,” and relevant ads about auto body repair shops pop up. 

However, when people use Facebook, they are not looking forward to seeing ads, and an interruption in their viewing experience might even agitate them. They are surfing their dashboard to check up on friends and celebrities and might not want to see an ad on mechanics. 

While people debate if the way Facebook monitors its users is normal or even legal, it is undoubtedly a treasure trove of information for researchers worldwide. However, it still struggles to compete with the undisputed King of the terrain, Google, who is unparalleled when it comes to the sheer size of the traffic it deals with. 

That’s why you need to choose your social media marketing strategy carefully, and Van Patter Group can surely do wonders for you. So, contact us today and find out how you can best formulate your digital marketing strategy!